about us
Radin Commercial company was founded in 1389 with the aim of importing modern and distinct products into our country. Radin Commercial company has set its policies towards searching and choosing the most modern and distinct products which are most needed by our clients. Concerning the growing interest in keeping pets in our country, we have decided to take lots of effective measures to meet the needs of all pet’s owners. Our R & D team has spent a great deal of money and time doing various experiments on different products from a vast variety of reputable companies so that they can provide the company's board of directors with valid and reliable results. European companies have always been one of the pioneers in pet’s products industry as their products have been in total compliance with all accepted quality and price factors and this has led us to choose European rather than other countries as our main supplier. Further information on our products and services can be found in our website. We hope that with the help of our clients and our R & D team, we can manage to fully satisfy our clients’ needs.