What do you feed a sick dog?

What do you feed a sick dog? The first and simplest response to any dog with an upset stomach is to instigate a brief fast: in many cases, the dog will refuse food temporarily in any case. While it used to be recommended that affected dogs were fasted for a full 24 hours, a shorter fast (e.g. twelve hours) is often enough. Water (or sugar/salt rehydrating fluid from the vet) should be offered in small quantities. Food - of any kind - should only be offered when the digestive tract has recovered, and there is no longer any sign of vomiting, or when the frequency of diarrhoea has diminished. After the brief fast, a special bland diet should be fed for 24 to 48 hours. The ideal diet would be low fat, highly digestible and palatable. Many pet owners prefer to buy proprietary pet food designed for this purpose (so-called “gastro-intestinal” type diets, sold via vets and pet shops), while others use home-prepared versions (e.g. cooked chicken mixed with boiled white rice). The chosen food should be given in small quantities, two or three times daily, for two to three days. Once the signs of an upset stomach have fully settled down, the original diet can be introduced gradually, by mixing half-on-half with the bland diet for the first day.