Pro-Nutrition Flatazor spirit

An ideal offer, without compromise.
It is with 50 years experience, and its openness to the most recent innovations, that Pro-Nutrition Flatazor creates its foods for cats and dogs.

All of Pro-Nutrition Flatazor's recipes aim to give cats and dogs complete high quality and well-balanced meals, using various carefully chosen natural ingredients.

This uncompromising approach is at the very heart of Pro-Nutrition Flatazor's values to obtain irreproachable quality for the best nutritional health for cats and dogs.

All Pro-Nutrition Flatazor foods are produced from GMO-free raw materials and with no added colouring agents



On their own, dogs and cats cannot produce all the elements needed for a healthy organism. To meet their needs, it is primordial to provide high quality, balanced food.

There are 40 nutrients essential for the cat or dog's balance, which must be provided by their food.

There are:

Energy: carbohydrate (starch and fibres) and fats (2 essential fatty acids),,
Proteins: 10 essential amino acids,
Minerals: 14 macro and trace elements (calcium, phosphorous, sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine, sulphur, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, selenium, cobalt and iodine),
Vitamins= 14 (vitamins B, A, D, E, K).
This food must cover all the animal's daily nutritional needs. This includes all the nutrients that the organism needs to receive to satisfy its daily requirements.

 An animal's needs equate to:

Care requirements= These requirements are linked to what the animal expends to live, correspond to the animal's vital functions and vary according to the animal's size and the temperature of its environment.
Production requirements= These requirements depend on the nature and intensity of the animal's additional functions, such as activity, gestation, lactation or growth.
 Feeding an animal implies:

Covering its needs with 40 essential nutrients,

• Respecting its physiological condition and digestive comfort,
• Taking into account its preferences in terms of taste,
• Guaranteeing its longevity and therefore its health.

Pro-Nutrition Flatazor nutritionists always consider cats' and dogs' nature when designing their food. As cats and dogs are carnivores, Pro-Nutrition Flatazor foods have always been rich in meat.
Pro-Nutrition Flatazor also selects a large variety of ingredients based on their nutritional quality and profile, to provide cats and dogs with enough of the 40 essential nutrients in a balanced way, to better satisfy their needs and achieve ideal nutritional balance ensuring their good health.